Change one child’s life, change the world.

Our Mission

We positively impact society by investing in the holistic care of at risk youth and their families through support and education. 


Providing the right base for children as a foundation for healthy growth empowers them to rise and become healthy contributors to their communities, ending the cycle of disadvantage and poverty.


Education is empowering

To end generational poverty, we must invest in our children. An integrated educational system that provides a safe space for children to learn, paired with a holistic approach that engages the parents, raises capable children prepared for the workplace as healthy adults.

Holistic care raises whole and healthy children

Our approach invests in the full-well being of the child, mind, body, and spirit. We are intentional about stimulating both the left and right sides of the brain by incorporating a variety of exercises and activities. With healthy food and a positive and encouraging environment, children are loved into well-being, and able to rise up into their full potential.

Partnering with families creates sustainability

The learning center is a haven for children, but progress is hindered when they return to an unhealthy home life where parents are unable to support their growth. We come alongside parents and their circumstances through education and counseling to ensure that what is learned at the foundation is nurtured at home.

Today's children will shape our tomorrow

Every choice made today impacts the adults our children become. Our goal is to raise healthy children who are able to step into opportunities that will end the cycle of poverty and disadvantage in the Dominican Republic and around the world. Today’s children are tomorrow’s contributing citizens, which means we are investing in the future of our children, and their children, for generations to come.


Our goal to rehabilitate children into wholeness begins with evaluating the health and well-being of each child in the following areas:

Role in Society

A variety of programs focused on integral development are then offered based on the strategy of care determined for each individual child.

  • Education

    Courses encourage academic excellence through the strengthening of linguistic, mathematical, and cognitive intelligence. We work with the interpersonal intelligence of each student, acknowledging that each child and adolescent can be positively influenced by his teacher and peers.

  • Physical

    Focused on the prevention and timely intervention of causes of disease and physical
    disadvantages. Sports, exercise, and games are but a few methods we use to focus on the full body.

  • Nutrition

    Address and nurture issues of health related to lack of access to wholesome meals. We work to guarantee access to quality food for our students inside and outside the foundation.



  • Psychological

    We focus on the relational health of the individual, family, and larger community group as a significant contributor to mental and emotional stability.

  • Spiritual

    We teach children and adolescents biblical principles and values.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Open ways to join the work of the center for those with the aptitude and characteristics to succeed.

  • Leadership

    Develop the motivated, driven young people in our community who seek to volunteer and become ambassadors of the center.

  • Sustainability

    Incorporate parent ambassadors that contribute to the sustainability of the center, working to gather necessary human and financial resources to complete our mission.

  • Arts

    Developing the artistic and cultural skills of the students. Special emphasis is placed on experiencing diversity, culture, empathy and understanding through various mediums.